Measurement and testing

Sandy Brown is an accredited ADE2003 testing organisation under the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) scheme. As such, we carry out airborne and impact sound insulation testing to demonstrate compliance with approved document E of the Building Regulations, Section 5 of Building (Scotland) Regulations, Building Bulletin 93 for schools and perform BREEAM testing. We are also qualified for the assessment of credits under the Home Quality Mark scheme.

We regularly arrange site, factory, mock-up and laboratory noise and vibration testing in accordance with appropriate standards. We have extensive instrumentation that has traceable calibration, which includes:

  • sound level meters with audio recording for a variety of sound measurements
  • loudspeakers and tapping machines for airborne and impact sound insulation testing
  • data logging sound level meters with alert capability for environmental noise measurement and management
  • all weather microphones and meters for long-term unattended measurements
  • speech intelligibility sound analysers assessments including STI and STIPA
  • tri-axial data logging and vibration meters with alert capability for construction monitoring
  • tri-axial vibration recorders with PC based signal analysis software
  • sound field microphone and four channel audio recorders for ambisonic audio recording.