Acoustic modelling and simulation

Acoustic modelling is an important tool that we regularly use to help our clients understand acoustic concepts.

Sandy Brown uses state of the art software to carry out a variety of acoustic modelling and simulation. In addition, we have both permanent and portable simulation set ups for ambisonic and binaural simulations to provide a more immersive demonstration of reverberation, sound insulation, acoustic quality, environmental noise and ground borne noise.

We have a variety of acoustic utility programs that we regularly use as part of the design process including Sound Design and a number of bespoke programs that have been developed in-house, such as ACS. Our suite of software packages includes:

  • ODEON and CATT – for room acoustics and auralisation
  • INSUL – for airborne and impact sound insulation
  • Zorba – sound absorption prediction
  • BASTIAN – for the prediction of flanking sound.

We also model environmental noise from transportation sources and construction sites using CadnaA software to produce 3D noise distributions over facade elevations and ground level noise contours.

To model noise and vibration propagation, including pipe-in-pipe and Transient Statistical Energy Analysis, software that has been specially developed in-house allows us to continually update and enhance our techniques.

With all modelling, validation against real situations is essential and we are constantly looking to verify, improve and refine our modelling techniques.