The ANC publishes the Acoustics Ventilation and Overheating (AVO) Guide

The document provides a basis for acoustic practitioners to approach the design of residences, with respect to ventilation and in particular the control of thermal conditions.

A key driver in the move towards sustainable thermal design is to facilitate increased natural ventilation to cool residences where possible. However, this can lead to internal noise levels which are higher than ideal, and which exceed previously available standard guidance and criteria.

Along with a summary of the relevant legislation and available information, the AVO Guide:
• Summarises relevant acoustic criteria to be achieved under normal ventilation conditions
• Provides a basis for assessing the risks associated with higher noise levels, whilst controlling thermal conditions
• Outlines how residential buildings can be designed to accommodate passive/non-mechanical methods of controlling overheating
• Suggests when alternative strategies may be appropriate.

Sandy Brown are proud to have been involved with the development of the AVO Guide from its inception in 2016 through to publication, and are keen to begin implementing the guidance on residential schemes of all sizes.

See the full edition of the guide here: