Tottenham Hotspur Training Facilities

Date Complete 2016
Location UK England
Client Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
Architect KSS

Project Summary

Spurs’ new training centre on the 77 acre Bulls Cross site provides the highest quality playing, training and medical facilities for its first team squad and youth academy. The main building features an 80 x 50m ETFE covered artificial pitch at its heart. Covering 67 acres, there are 11 outdoor pitches as well as the two-storey training centre with medical facilities, swimming / hydrotherapy pool, fitness centre, changing rooms and a media centre.

Services Provided

Sandy Brown was commissioned to provide acoustic advice on the development and construction of the training facility. Our acoustic recommendations included advice on:

  • the provision of adequate sound insulation between adjacent spaces
  • control of reverberation
  • noise and vibration impact from mechanical plant.

Special Acoustic Features

High reverberation times in sports halls can be problematic as they have the effect of reducing speech intelligibility. When the space is being used for training this can become an issue as players are less able to hear the instructions being given. Using acoustic modelling software we were able to predict the reverberation times that would occur and provide guidance on sound absorbent treatments that would reduce reverberation and provide a robust enough finish to withstand impacts from people and sports balls.
Measures to control the transmission of impact sound to sensitive spaces were needed particularly for the chairman’s office and surrounding rooms.

Exterior of the Tottenham Hotspur training facilities.