Primal Gym, Leeds

Complete 2014
Area UK England
Client Capital Properties UK Ltd
Architect Park Designed

Primal Gym is a ‘Leeds Dock success story’, proudly located in the heart of the city’s key destination
for enterprise, community and culture. Sandy Brown’s input enabled the lower-floor gym to operate
in full while minimising disturbance to residential occupants of the building directly above.

With a former life as an existing ground and mezzanine level commercial unit, the multi-use space
conveniently provides great amenity to residents and visitors alike. The innovative gym houses
Olympic-level lifting activities, an indoor running and an array of alternative gym equipment.

Services provided

Sandy Brown was appointed to provide advice for the
gym fit-out.
The key services provided were:
• Initial assessment for gym activities to inform
the proposed space plan.
• Control operational noise specifically
structure-borne noise generated by gym
weight drops.
• Airborne and impact sound insulation of
internal elements such as walls, floors and
doors to ensure that an appropriate level of
acoustic separation is provided between

Special acoustic features

As part of the planning process for the proposed gym,
an initial assessment of structure-borne noise
generated by gym weights was carried out. This
informed the space planning for the gym, moving the
most problematic activities further away from
sensitive adjacencies.
A heavyweight floating floor, with appropriate gym
floor finishes, was designed to further attenuate
structure-borne noise from gym weight drops.
Given the inherent uncertainty in structure-borne
noise transmission through buildings a mock-up
floating floor was tested on site.
Pre-completion acoustic testing was carried to give
the gym confidence that the designed measures had
been built and installed correctly.