Mercury Tower, Malta

Date Complete 2023
Location Europe, Malta
Client Mercury Contracting Partners Limited
Architect Zaha Hadid Architects

Project summary

Mercury Tower is a 32-storey high-rise building located in St. Julian’s, Malta.

It is Malta’s tallest building and stands at 122 metres. The development features a mix of residential, hotel uses, a shopping mall, meeting/conference facilities, rooftop bar/restaurants and exhibition

The development has been designed by the internationally renowned Zaha Hadid Architects.

The main tower building features a distinctive ‘twist’ between levels 9 and 11. The tower’s design is partially integrated into the former Mercury House, which was built in 1903. This building is a Grade II listed structure and has been restored and reinvented as part of the project.

Detailed design

Our services included 3D acoustic modelling of the site and surroundings and detailed assessments of facade sound insulation to ensure that environmental noise ingress was suitably controlled.

Plant noise assessments were also a key to the acoustic design including the control of noise egress to noise sensitive receptors, the hotel itself, and controlling guestroom FCUs to suitable levels.

Amplified sound breakout from entertainment spaces including external amenity terraces has been carefully considered to minimise the risk of noise disturbances occurring.

The interior design proposals have been assessed and reverberation in key areas of the development including the historic ballroom, exhibition spaces and reception lobby spaces controlled. Acoustic treatments were integrated into the design to maintain the high-end luxury aesthetic.