Forty-Seven, Manchester

Date Complete 2023
Location UK England
Client Medlock FRB Limited
Architect FCH Architects

Project summary

Forty-Seven is a Grade II listed luxury hotel development situated on Peter Street in Manchester City Centre. The project involved the refurbishment and conversion of the former shipping warehouse, constructed in 1868, to provide 31 high-end hotel guestrooms.
Situated on the corner of Peter Street and Southmill Street, located near Oxford Street, the site is within close proximity to busy inner-city roads and surrounding commercial premises.
A restaurant is located on ground level, directly beneath guestrooms.

Detailed design

Sandy Brown was commissioned to provide acoustic advice for the development of 47 Peter Street. Key acoustic considerations were:

• Controlling external noise ingress, including the provision of secondary glazing due to the existing primary glazing being retained.
• Airborne and impact sound insulation performance of internal elements such as walls, floors and doors to ensure that an appropriate level of acoustic separation is provided between spaces.
• Due to the historic features being retained such as timber floors, columns and beams, the acoustic design needed to be carefully considered to accommodate these for conservation purposes. This included exposed brickwork, structural beams and columns and timber roof trusses, as well as the existing timber sash windows.
• The control of noise and vibration from building services both internally and externally.
• Operational noise transfer from the ground level restaurant to the guestrooms above, and breakout to nearby noise sensitive receptors.

Given the busy central location of the site, a comprehensive environmental noise survey and was required as part of the planning process to quantify noise from nearby sources including surrounding roads and nightlife. A detailed 3D environmental noise model of the site and the surrounding area was created to allow the facade sound insulation requirements to be assessed.