Fidelis, Level 43, 22 Bishopsgate

Date Complete 2023
Location UK England
Client Fidelis Insurance
Architect align

Project summary

Sandy Brown was requested to join the design team in delivering a new work space at Level 43, 22 Bishopsgate for the Fidelis Insurance Group. This original new 11,000 sqft design was proposed to accommodate additional staff growth within the Insurance Group. The solution comprised of meeting rooms, focus rooms, collab spaces, breakout, reception, gym and open plan offices.

Sandy Brown provided advice on all aspects of the design including architectural acoustics and building services noise & vibration control through RIBA Workstages 2-6.

Detailed design

Sandy Brown utilised benchmark testing and client briefing exercises from previous designs to establish project standards that address Fidelis’ needs for the Level 43 design. Throughout this design, we worked closely with align and contractor, Overbury, to deliver acoustic design solutions that surpassed these project criteria and contributed towards the BREEAM accreditation.

One key focus for us was the facilitation of collaborative working spaces, while ensuring adequate confidentially from neighbouring cellular spaces (such as meeting and focus rooms). In response, the acoustic design of the open plan areas was crafted to enable a collaborative ethos, while managing detrimental noise build-up. A speech masking system was implemented to establish a steady background noise level within the open plan environment and ensure suitable confidentially from these confidential neighbouring cellular spaces.