Date Complete 2011
Location UK England
Client North Lincolnshire Council
Architect North Lincolnshire Council

Project Summary

Opened in 2011 on the site of the old Baths Hall in Scunthorpe, the new building provides a flexible event space for amplified music concerts, drama, comedy, classical music and sporting events.
The 1,000 seat auditorium can increase its capacity to 2,000 for standing events.
It boasts state-of-the-art technology and high levels of audience comfort throughout. The performance spaces are complimented by front of house facilities that include bar areas and meeting rooms.
The 1930s frontage was retained to preserve the architectural heritage f the building, which has served as an entertainment venue for over three decades.

Services Provided

Sandy Brown was appointed by North Lincolnshire Council to provide acoustic advice on the design of the new entertainment venue. Our design covered:

  • performance of building envelope
  • internal architectural elements
  • auditorium finishes
  • interface detailing
  • building services noise and vibration.

Special Acoustic Features

Noise egress during and after performances was a major consideration, particularly minimising noise disturbance to nearby residents at night. The envelope of the auditorium has been designed to provide a high level of sound insulation between the main auditorium and the outside. Double-leaf independent constructions to the roof and external walls and acoustically rated lobbied doors have been used to reduce noise transmission.
The variety of performances at Baths Hall means that the acoustic requirements change according to use. Variable acoustics were provided by the use of banners to allow adjustment of the reverberation time. This allows for longer reverberation times for orchestral use with a full seated audience and shorter times for contemporary music and speech-based performances.
Profiled wall finishes were used to diffuse sound reflections and angled reflectors were used to enhance acoustic clarity for the audience.
Working with the building services engineers, ventilation to the hall was designed to provide low noise levels using a displacement ventilation system incorporating fabric ducts to guide airflow within under seat plenums.

Front Entrance of Baths Hall