Anthology Deptford Foundary

Date Complete 2020
Location UK England
Client Anthology
Architect Rolfe Judd Architecture / Associated Architects

Project summary

Anthology London’s Deptford Foundry pays homage to a former 1831 metal foundry on Arklow Road, once a thriving producer of a variety of metal goods. The residential development is uniquely positioned on a three-acre site between two converging railways and consists of 316 new build residential properties, as well as commercial space with creative studios.

Each home sits within one of nine buildings, ranging from 6 to 22 storeys. The £70million regeneration of the former industrial estate also includes 32,000 sq. ft. of studio and arts spaces ensconced in a communal landscaped garden, giving the area a creative flair.

Given the proximity of the railways, extensive
noise and vibration survey works were
complemented with detailed noise mapping
of the site and surrounding area. The results
were used to determine performance
requirements of the external envelope.
Thorough analyses of external noise profiles
were used to advise the team on the
implications of using open windows to
manage thermal comfort, in accordance with
the planning requirements for the scheme.

Sandy Brown provided an audio
demonstration of potential vibration-induced
noise to assist the Client in determining their
expectations for the scheme.
The results of the demonstration were used in
conjunction with extensive site survey works
to establish an appropriate scheme of
mitigation against ground borne vibration.
In addition, very high levels of internal sound
insulation were provided to protect future
residents from noise associated with adjacent
commercial uses.