Andrew Long

Wanting to put what I had learnt to good use left me with several choices and I opted for acoustic consultancy. This was predominantly because I liked the idea of applying my skills and knowledge to the design of the built environment.

I started out at an acoustics consultancy in Central London where I spent around five years working mainly on residential schemes. The work included undertaking a lot of acoustic testing and survey work which was invaluable for introducing me to the important elements of building acoustic design, but it didn’t necessarily give me much experience in respect of input into the acoustic design of buildings from start-to-finish.

I tried my hand at a multi-disciplinary engineering firm for a short period, working mainly on environmental impact assessments for infrastructure schemes, but quickly realized that my skillset (and mindset) was better suited to a dedicated building acoustics consultancy.

I wanted to work somewhere that was focused on the acoustic design of buildings – somewhere where I could be surrounded by other experts in my field, where my input was valued, where I was given the responsibility to manage my own projects from start to finish, and the opportunity to progress my career with exposure to important projects alongside respected clients and design teams.

Moving to Sandy Brown as a Senior Engineer was the only logical step.

What I have found since I arrived was not only were all my hopes and expectations realized, but I’ve been able to enjoy my time working at Sandy Brown alongside some inspiring colleagues, all of whom have friendly faces and are keen to work with a strong team-ethic.

The calibre of the projects that we have at Sandy Brown is testament to each of these traits. But more than this is the fact that Sandy Brown puts personal development at the core of its philosophy, and over the years I have been given the opportunity to progress as part of a strong team from Senior Engineer through to Associate and now Associate Partner.

So, if you’re looking for an exciting challenge with the potential to progress your career through the ranks, then Sandy Brown is the place for you!