Who we are

Sandy Brown is one of the world’s leading independent acoustic consultancies.

We have a rich heritage that is supported by a contemporary approach and continued investment in development. The combination of exciting projects and an excellent working environment attracts high calibre, committed staff who are dedicated and passionate about what we do.

Our core values

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Practicality
  • Independence

Together, these values shape our mission to:

  • provide the highest standard of service and advice on projects nationally and internationally
  • be at the forefront of knowledge in our field
  • provide our staff with a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable workplace.
Tom Bonnert
Tom Bonnert Engineer BEng, AMIOA
Lara Spencer Senior Office Administrator
Anthony Harper
Anthony Harper Senior Engineer BSc, MIOA
Richard Muir
Richard Muir Partner MSc, BSc, MIOA
Steven Wheeler
Steven Wheeler Senior Engineer BSc, MIOA
Phillip Owen
Philip Owen Associate BSc, MIOA
Edward Farrar
Edward Farrer Senior Engineer BSc, MIOA
Andrew Long
Andrew Long Associate MEng, MIOA
Una Brown
Una Brown Associate BSc, MIOA
Richard Deane
Richard Deane Engineer MEng, AMIOA
Helen Sheldon
Helen Sheldon Associate BSc, MIOA
Reena Mahtani Mirchandani
Reena Mahtani Mirchandani Engineer MSc, MIOA
Shona Sanderson
Shona Sanderson Engineer PhD, BSc, AMInstP, MIOA
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson Partner BSc, CEng, MInstP, MIOA
Ben Southgate Engineer BEng, AMIOA
Robert Conetta
Robert Conetta Senior Engineer PhD, BSc, MIOA
Richard King
Richard King Associate BSc, CSci, CPhys, MInstP, MIOA
Natalie Cann
Natalie Cann Office Administrator
Bob Albon
Bob Albon Associate BEng, MIOA
Susana Garcia
Susana Garcia Office Administrator
Julie James
Julie James Office Administrator
Graeme Cunningham
Graeme Cunningham Senior Engineer BSc, MIOA
Daryl Prasad
Daryl Prasad Associate ME (CaRE), BE (Mech), MIOA, MAES
Al Plail
Al Plail Senior Engineer BEng, MIOA
James Atha
James Atha Associate BSc, MIOA
Alex Fryer
Alex Fryer Associate BSc, MIOA
Jessica Wright
Jessica Wright Assistant Engineer
Jose Maria Gonzalez Diaz
Jose Maria Gonzalez Diaz Engineer MSc, MEng, AMIOA
Stephen Stringer
Stephen Stringer Partner MSc, BEng, CEng, MIOA, MCIBSE
Graeth Wells
Gareth Wells Engineer MSc, BSc, AMIOA
Mark Howarth
Mark Howarth Partner PhD, BEng, MIOA
Jake Mroz
Jake Mroz Senior Engineer MSc, BEng, AMIOA
Matthew Robinson
Matt Robinson Senior Engineer PhD, BSc, MIOA
Gordon Dolbear
Gordon Dolbear Associate BSc, BA, MIOA
Sam Daintree
Sam Daintree Engineer MSc, BMus, AMIOA
Robert Burrell
Robert Burrell Associate MSc, BSc, MIOA
Aaron Tomlinson
Aaron Tomlinson Engineer BEng, AMIOA
Scott Boughton Assistant Engineer
Ben Philips
Ben Phillips Engineer BEng, AMIOA
Audrey Raymond
Audrey Raymond Office Manager BA, Chartered MCIPD HRM
Zac Fox
Zac Fox Assistant Engineer
Francis Goodall
Francis Goodall Engineer MSc, BSc, AMIOA
Bev Chapman Senior Office Administrator
Jason Swan Partner BSc, MIOA, MASHRAE
Luis Ruivo
Luis Ruivo Engineer BEng, AMIOA
Daniel Stringer
Daniel Stringer Associate MSc, BSc, MIOA
Callum Bracher
Callum Bracher Senior Engineer BSc, MIOA
David Elliott
David Elliott Engineer BEng, AMIOA
Jonathan Riley
Jonathan Riley Engineer BEng, AMIOA
James Thurston
James Thurston Assistant Engineer